Sunday, December 2, 2012

beachcombers in the bulwark

It's been a while since I've written here -- a few months removed from a year, actually. There's a new blog in town now, one catered to the needs of my nascent novel. You can find it here:

Quotidie, of course, is Latin for "daily." I'll be writing short posts every day for the next ~550 days on my Tumblr. It won't be a blog that's best checked every day; more like a blog that's best checked every fifteen days, when you can jump over to it and absorb all the small tidbits I've been working on. That way there'll be more of a narrative arc, you know?


The best New Yorker articles, ever

Constantly updated. This is a true work in progress. Every New Yorker article is great -- given a certain threshold -- but these are the ones whose forms and content have actually inspired the stuff I've written.

"Somebody Has to be in Control," Ian Parker.

"You Belong With Me," Lizzie Widdicombe.

"The Aquarium," Aleksandar Hamon.

"Grub," Dana Goodyear.

"The Other Obama," Lauren Collins.

"Master of Play," Nick Paumgarten.

"Alone in the Dark," Philip Gourevitch.

"Keeping it Real," James Wood, on the conventions of the novel

"Holden at Fifty," Louis Menand.

"Everything is Fiction," Keith Ridgeway.

"This week in Fiction: Junot Diaz"

David Hoon Kim. "Sweetheart Sorrow." (

Mikhail Iossel, "Life: How was it?"

Jeffrey Eugenides, "Posthumous."

Donald Hall, "Out the Window."

Saturday, December 1, 2012