Monday, June 20, 2011

Links, Week 1: Bro Bible, Guitar, Fairy Tales, Introverts and Adam Morrison

First installment of what I'm up to online. I'm averaging around 4 hours a day, ish?

Writing: Jay Caspian Kang on Lebron's meltdown and his poker addiction; the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, free on Google Books (read Cinderella); answers to the most viewed questions on Quora ("What does it feel like to be stupid?"); the New Yorker Summer fiction edition, on Weiner and a great story by George Saunders; myths about introverts; book country; Malinda Lo and Jenn Weiner on how to get published.

Sports: NYT magazine on the career of Bill Simmons; the best game Adam Morrison has ever had (Morrison: 2 rings. Lebron: 0); the best comebacks in basketball history, compiled by, as well as Tracy McGrady 13 points in 33 seconds (still unbelievable to watch) and Oregon vs. USC (6 points in 2 seconds; start at one minute mark). The Heat Index (always great); and golf's next era, with Rory Mcllroy. And pretty much every article on Grantland.

Guitar: Currently learning Paparazzi, by GagaShe was Mine by Aj Rafael, Forget You by Cee-lo, Hey There DelilahJust a DreamTeenage DreamThe Show Goes On.

Random: the best blog theme, mistylook; the best barber on the Lower East Side, Rafaeltext game; the Rockaways.

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  1. like the poker and the roissy
    great writing too :)