Sunday, June 26, 2011

Links, Week 2: Ivy League Pornographer, Influence-Meter, Catcher in the Rye Assassination

This week, I spent 32 hours online (rescuetime). That's almost 5 hours a day. And that's on my personal computer! At work, I'm on 6 hours a day. Add it up: 62 hours out of 144 in a week. Mid-summer resolution: cut back to 40 hours total. At least the links section will be really good this week, right?

BlogsJohn Song Says, the only blog I read.

Writing: Tomatos, porn, and a book by Sam Benjamin, Brown grad; guys who love fat chicks. An interview with a great book designer and how a book jacket is created. What Gay Talese's schedule looks like everyday; how Beyonce and Gaga work; AIM and hedge fund domination. Why Grace Jung doesn't read Murakami and an ex-pat brat; Rosanne Barr's great missive on making it as a female in TV. Future reads: The Delivery Man and the best books of 2010.

Fashion: Anna Wintour has assistants who will link arms to carry her down the stairs if the elevator takes too long. The September 2004 issue of Vogue was 832 pages, 700+ of which were ads. Terry Richardson's absurd photo diary (NSFW, some). And Guy Evans, a newbie.

Guitar: 10 greatest guitar players of all time; the fascinating death of John Lennon that had everything to do with Catcher in the Rye interpretation from Mark Chapman. Places to rent a guitar in NYC.

SportsAmerican leagues are socialist, Europeans are capitalistsports psychology for the modern age; Lebron: "I’ve never understood people who get off on LeBron’s failures. Why would anyone ever root for mediocrity? Why do people want to see the greatest talent since Jordan underachieve?"; Robert Rowell is finally gone; Jan Vesely gets tongue on draft day; Chris Webber clowns a horrible GM; Heat still favorites for the 2012 NBA Championship. And the Kansas City Royals have an unbelievable farm team. Oh, and the Athletics suck

Social interactionsmissed connections everywhere in NY, illustrated and in print; slight turn of events movie; why did Anthony Weiner put those pictures online? The whore complex; is this a Brown University joke?; you're sweet, but I'm not sexually attracted; 33 ways to introspect and a couple ways to build confidence; what you call doing nothing; 51 year old and a 16 year old marriage; the m/female ratio in California was 166 to 100; the best online dating site on the West Coast. And sit up straight!

Tech: Find out how influential you are; increase traffic to your blog; Amazon controls our lives; great new tech start-ups; Dear Internet, please don't bubble us; personal preferences on hunchcheapest coolest earphones I'm going to get; Dropbox hacked (scary); Yahoo CEO gets Carol Bartz owned, berated, gets defensive.
Random: best eyeglasses shop ever; hipsters and their taste in music25 weird fetishes; Mike Maruca's compassionate soul; tips for hailing a taxi in NY; the penis song by Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair; why Obama will might lose by Rove.

Is there an easter egg link? Maybe, but I'm not telling. 

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