Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Archive of Previous Work

Allow this one post for self-indulgence: I’ve never organized my work in one place, and it seemed reasonable to compile it here for easy reference. So, now: all my work that resides in the bowels of the internet:

YDN, organized not by date, but by the 2011 NBA Finals.

Dirk – when the pressure's on, you just know he's going to perform.
Wade – killer instinct, except for the rare occasion when he dribbles it off his foot. Sigh.
Terry/Kidd -- seasoned vets, smelling the finish line.
Lebron – eek.
Midnight at Yale:
  • Quick hits: bucket list, and another bucket list. I really like making lists.
  • Snow sculptures: Nothing except for the best sculptures on campus. Junior year, James and I had the 2nd best sculpture with the Totoro (after our evil bunny rabbit was knocked down); senior year, Nate and Ed and I did the 1st place turtles and igloo.
Assorted publications:
  • Mitrah A., for Yale’s 50 most beautiful people. Lot of fun doing this one.
  • Of mules and men, Yale Wheel. About my summer in Ecuador. A related video of my experience with food too, on Vimeo.
  • World Hunger, Yale Herald. I’m embarrassed just to link to it, it’s so bad. At least my freshman year Herald articles about ping-pong, IM squash, Kate Grace, and volleyball aren’t online.
  • I also interned for a stint at the New Haven Advocate, and produced 11 briefs on the state of the city (and country).
  • Asian American Students Alliance: there is not much – the real documents are offline.
Finally, my two forays into the blogosphere:
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