Monday, July 4, 2011

Links, Week 3: What to do if you've graduated edition

If you're still here,

Read young people's blogs. My four, currently, are
Finally, some more links:

Writing: Jason Shiga's cartoon about telephone booths. It's so good I can't believe I can read it for freeFear and Loathing in 2004, Hunter Thompson. James and the Giant Peach by Dahl (I can only read the 1st 8 pages on Amazon...).

Consulting: Want to get a job? Become really good at Fermi problems. 

Aliens: Is there extraterrestrial life? Let's look at the Drake Equation as written by the NYT. Here are 20 reasons why aliens haven't contacted us...yet. 

Sports: Rich Harden won a game? A cute color graphic recap of the 2010-2011 NBA season. An argument on how Corey Maggette (of the 11-step non-travelis better than Stephen Jackson. What would Tim Kawakami think? (Heresy!)

Tech: Change your Facebook to look like an interactive Excel sheet (great for work). Start-ups, stop asking about technical co-founders. TED: how great leaders inspire action. I need someone famous to tweet about my blog, so I can have a celebrity moment. Did you know Barack is on is actually really awesome. Avoid anti-malware programs. Be anonymous, in a group. A 250-slide presentation on Google+ beginnings -- the real social network. And, why myspace failed.

Random: What to know if you're moving from NYC to SF. Free fonts on Google. 12% of all people, ever, are alive today. How to understand imaginary numbers.

Finally, I went from 32 hours online last week to 17 hours. Let's try to get down to 10 this week.


  1. Petey,

    I'm seriously curious how you're finding this. is instantly making my life better and helping me to be better informed in many fields with links. How are you so productive in your internet time? (or are you not and it just appears that way?

  2. DC,

    I've become almost too efficient with my time. Honestly, most of the coolest links I find come from There's a ton of programming stuff, but I found LbE that way.

    In general, my daily websites to check are: truehoop espn, yahoo sports, mercury news, techcrunch, hacker news and the 4 blogs here.