Sunday, July 17, 2011

Links, Week 5: The slow death of my computer

My manifesto is great. I've been more computer-free than I've ever been (this year).

6 hours, 49 minutes:, MS Word
3 hours, 2 minutes:
2 hours, 13 minutes: guitar tutorials
1 hour, 21 minutes: Facebook, Google+

That's 4 hours and 23 minutes wasted online. Three weeks ago, it was 32 hours. This coming week, I'm going to halve it to 3 hours.

Here's a dirty little secret: I love not responding to people's messages on email, facebook, grubwithus, and okcupid. Just love it. I've taken the hours spent crafting responses online and turned it into more robust and interesting interactions in person.

So where did my offline time go? 2 afternoons in Union Square. 2 nights at Washington Square Park. One night at Ayza with Grubwithus. Astoria for a moon-lit dinner party. James' place. Conversations all the time.

It's going to be a tight schedule for the next 3 weeks. Publishing for three days, street fundraising for three days, and crazy shit on Sundays. Nights taken up by dinners. Spare time spent playing guitar on various street corners. Deep in my heart, I think I'm proud of myself that I'm keeping busy doing what I want to do; life feels kind of like freshman year of college. Which isn't a bad thing at all. Besides, I'm going to have so much time when I get back to the suburbs in Cupertino to just chill.

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