Sunday, July 24, 2011

Links, Week 5: Return to baseline (free movies, Lego concentration camp)

My stats for last week:

6 h, 31 m: Blogger and MS word.
4 h, 44 m, 39 s: Guitar tabs, Youtube (covers), and Jay Chou websites (for Jian Dan Ai!)
46 m 11 s: Gmail
7 h, 2 m: Wasted time (Quora, Google+, Facebook, Google Analytics)


Most of the 7 hours, believe it or not, came on Saturday. The reason? I woke up at 9:40 a.m., decided I wanted to keep sleeping, and didn't wake up again until 3:30 p.m. I realized I missed an entire day of work fundraising. I felt really badly. Then I realized I had signed two people up yesterday, and that if I got fired, I'd be leaving, at least, on a good note.

So I called it a lost day. I ate walnuts. I read alot of Quora. I watched Men in Black as well as Love and Other Drugs. I walked outside to a hole-in-the-wall dumpling shop and ordered 10 boiled beef dumplings, wonton soup, and soy milk for $6. I wrote and edited many of these blog posts. I played guitar, without a pick.

I was also scared of going outside. Social interaction! I didn't know I could do it. (Of course, when I picked up dinner, walking down the sidewalk didn't seem so bad.) Being forced outside because of hunger or works seems like the best way to get my juices flowing.

I didn't get to 3 hours of total online time. But I did manage less than an hour on email all week, which might be a personal best. (Of course, I also haven't responded to many emails I should have responded to...)

Here's the link section, tight and sweet:

The best high quality, illegal, free, clean movie site online. Yale is going to be in Brook's Brother's new line. Bulldog Burrito is gone, but they kind of sucked, anyway. Visualize your social network with LinkedIn maps. The best fundraiser in the street world (this is just here for me). Watch Men in Black for free, then read about how Will Smith cultivated his image. The WSJ hedcut that I want. The coolest photo effects editor ever! The best Rube Goldberg machines; the evolutionary purpose of dreaming; and a Lego concentration camp, discovered through Quora.

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