Sunday, July 10, 2011

Links, Week 4: no time online

With Rescue Time, I can track literally everything that happens on my computer. Here's what's up:

13 hours and 39 minutes online -- blogs, Facebook, email, Quora, OkCupid. 
7 hours, 34 minutes writing - MS Word, Blogger. 
4 hours, 4 minutes on guitar - Youtube songs, chord charts.

Given that I have instituted a one-hour rule on my computer -- per week -- most of this time came before Friday. In fact, I've been online for like, 20 minutes this weekend. Next week? (a) get my online time below 1 hour. Can it be done? (I say no; but only because of email. But I guarantee less than an hour on all sites other than email. As for email -- 2 hours. Max.)

Short, short links section (hooray!):

Tech: If you want a Google+ invite, let me know. An article from 1982 from the NYT about how technology could transform society. Great read. An article from 1990 about Steve Jobs. Programming and philosophy, the intersection. Blogger is going to get rebranded. Telephone companies are making a killing off our text messages. A 1,000,000 % markup, but higher. Why Google+ will win. I used to go on real-time Google updates to check twitter, but that’s over now. They’ve stopped collaborating. One programmer tested browsers on someone who has never used the computer before, to great results. Google Admob campaigns are hard to run.

Social: Jeremy Soul Day Game review. Sounds great. Except it's $3000. Project Rockstar -- I really want to start my own. (In like 5 years. Such a cool concept.) This pickup artist seems kind of cool. Right? Right?? Is it better to be great at one thing or really good at multiple things? (Insightful answer here.) How to develop unshakable confidence. A body language primer.

Uh: The video game simulating school shootings. This is actually disgusting.

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