Sunday, August 28, 2011

Links, Week 10: Regression to the mean

Writing: 15 hours, 6 minutes
Wasted Time: 13 hours, 49 minutes
Email: 4 hours, 17 minutes
Neutral: 3 hours

Not much to say here. My goal is to answer all my email by the middle of next week. Email, halfway done.

Tech: Network of 20s-something bloggers; an intern's guide to the Bay Area; sharing big files is easy now; the 7 patents that define Steve Jobs; the life cycle of a start-upA/B testing for websites; the GrubWithUs founder story.

Yale: Dave Swensen's legacy is not at all in doubtfull-of-hope op-ed on Yale by a freshman; how a 20-year-old can improve their quality of life. (Read this!)

Sports: The baserunning play of the year; Obama talking to the Giants.

Random: The US debt in pictures; anonymous chat on any websitereverse dictionary for all your needs; the Chinese in the Philippines; a Chinese in the Philippines. Why we should be nice to truck drivers; the 17 best rom-coms John Song and I need to watch.

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