Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trio: Poetry in Florida

Written during spring break under fluffy comforters in Port St. Joe, Florida, and revised for the modern age. They're jaunty, fun!


Coffee Uppercut

A man and a woman sit in a coffee shop. "Beignets, three, please," says the man, "Three, please." "Easy on the powdered sugar," says the woman. "No, just the usual, please," says the man. "Why not go easy on the sugar?" says the woman. "Because," says the man, already licking his fingers, "beignets taste better warm."


Double Up


clever green
boiled and steamed
penny and nickel
discard the wiggle
force a crunch
yellow stems all nub.


When You Consider

Willows with water
and tornados on reefs;

wildflowers and earthworms and
grapes on trees;

a rib-eye flank and
a hound gnawing marrow;

then, we will be ready for the barbecue.

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