Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 18: Hangin' out with Siri

For the week of October 9th, I spent 20 hours and 57 minutes being distracted; 12 hours and 57 minutes writing; 10 hours and 26 minutes on neutral activities, and 7 hours and 35 minutes on email. I read articles online for 3 hours, 35 minutes.

It’s interesting, though, to break down where I spend my free time online. In order:

Quora: 4 hours, 18 minutes, 441 pages.
NY Times: 2 hours, 4 minutes, 50 pages.
Facebook: 1 hour, 54 minutes, 118 pages.
TechCrunch: 59 minutes, 9 seconds, 33 pages.
Yahoo Sports: 57 minutes, 38 seconds.
Wall Street Journal: 52 minutes, 45 seconds.
Angry Birds: 42 minutes
Google: 39 minutes, 242 pages.
Spotify: 35 minutes, 18 seconds.
YDN: 32 minutes.
MercuryNews blog: 17 minutes.

Yale: Even artichokes have doubts. Levin outlines Yale’s fiscal future. Did you know the Cubs general manager is from Yale? Oh, yea, and he won 2 World Series, too. Should sports be considered academic subjects?

Travel: Please, do not travel here. There’s probably no pool in the hotel. Uganda discontent. Japan offers 10,000 tourist trips to boost the economy! Get great flight search today. Hipmunk? Credit card deals hot off the press.

And, please, do not do these 7 things to piss off black women.

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