Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yale and its humanities

The best kept secret at Yale is a simple little site called It touts itself as a “Yale Book of Numbers”—and by golly, there are a lot of them. For example:

Most popular undergraduate majors in 2008-09:
  • Political Science (15%)
  • History (12%)
  • Economics (10%)
  • Psychology (7%)
Approximate percentages of Junior and Senior majors in the Divisions:
  • 40% Arts & Humanities
  • 40% Social Sciences
  • 20% Biological & Physical Sciences

Some more statistics: in 1975, 35% of Yalies went to law or business school a year after graduation; in 2008, the number is just 11%. In 2009, the Yale’s library spent $47.7 million in acquisition expenditures. Since 2001, Political Science majors have increased 57% and Psychology majors 69%; History has gone down 25%, and Biology 32%. The Physics and Philosophy major has stayed the same: .08% (that’s one person). 

By far the most telling statistic, though, is the overall composition of our class. Every year, approximately 40% of us major in Art & Humanities, 40% major in Social Sciences, and 20% major in Biology & Physical Sciences. At Stanford, it’s the opposite: 40% in hard sciences, 20% in humanities, and less than 15% in social sciences.

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