Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunshine of the spotted mind: Notes on my phone

Notes that I’ve entered into my phone, from May 25th to September 1st, in chronological order.

it’s about how you say it
what’s the best way to develop resilience
oak hill
can you carry umbrellas on planes?
Tamar – the 3 incestuous sisters
don’t feel like doing anything song
are there redeeming factors to sadness 6/5
Do I actually—understand people?
what drives the decisions you make in life? habit?
what happens if you place a penny on a train track?
Clifton Fadiman
excel of ppl
NBA player should say I never flop always play hard
feeling of making it – 6/13
erick ring fire river hook – 6/15
write about 5 year old letter for blog like junot
unshakable confidence
rockland bike
types of humor
stand up comedy show
taking on great persona b4 events mentally
not better just genes lucky
hester bowery Chinatown
art department senior dpt
kadinsky picture w an archer oil on canvas
karl Schmidt rottluff Pharisees 1912
piet Mondrian josef alberrs
supreme confidence getting things done
sweet potato eggplant broccoli
tuna and eggs
wasn’t worth attention I would give it
Panasonic rps7
9 10 on 4th
what sells topic wise 0-5 6-9 10-16?
clyfford still
hans Hoffman
mark Rothko
donna orender – June 26th
Take role models like tom cruise American pie to realize irrational self confidence works
Harvard speeches
comfort confidence not secure settling not equal
foosball whatever makes people happy: sad little existence fat Asian lady doing the circle –
are fashion models insecure
freshman year write drunk never happened to me
birds n fella
tiff w and terr ho
river to river
American boy
just saw craigslist girl again. had forgotten till now need practice when it happens
Japanese art society on the right
irrational confidence unrelenting positivity jon eng belief that I’m worth it
just mad nobody say hi on the street – 7/13
no community in ny – itinerant so only friends shuttle to events
visitors most willing to hang. habit kills
scared poster. funny way of walking. west 4th street? assumptive. confidence. liquid confidence.
cake shop living room piano
polar bear weigh?
good hurt
v capabkty
new york isn’t perfect city and when do I let things do w the flow vs. getting out of comfort zone? what’s the balance? happy v. ca
I like you. is that general like or domain specific? 7/19
understanding rap – abrams
happiness ceiling no floor
happiness bank. average?
best travel advice Philippines no rob. lie or no? native or travel?
what argument do holocaust deniers have about it not happening?
what is a hipster? least likely to go to?
building any new subway lines?
short story nightclub that gets buried in so people deal w relationships day after like lost tv show
friend v money comfort vobligation hookup v no hookup promise v selfish healthy v fun
girl w short skirt looked at totally uncomfortable those w real confidence come out
eating wasabi and choking on it
best personal bloggers?
yale asc
top professions – want to be nba movie star baseball ceo tim ferris pickup
with you
how to undo a fold?
spend a day reading on the subway
even if you have played a song for a long time really feel its soul. that’s my adv.
turza as article – 7/28
soup books
what things put me in a confident mood? singing interaction
yale why is the best – real interaction w new haven people some don’t take adv but other schools loathe to do so
don’t be a boring azn
blk kids sitting in the back of the bus
wes paparazzi song make it all visceral visual
magic ghosts the world is big the world is small
is it ever more efficient to eat with chopsticks than a fork?
don’t know nething about Philippines and writing back to roots
buy a flip and record myself in convo
why are shells not as cool when you take them back home?
spin the bottle
furthest a stone has been skipped – 7/30
does it use less energy to slouch
chicken run
stuart davis roy litchenstein
coucou bazar
fashion illustration now
herry donenfield
nietzche superman phil
why we buy
epiphone electrical phone
stratus prep
17 best rom coms
setting expectations to live up to them assume the best. Goethe quote. – britta 8/4
naturalist draw blood
action vs. thought when situations do it in
stuart davis
paul klee al loving untitled ellsworth Kelly terry winters light source direction
hans Hoffman veluti
cy twombly
franz kline untitled joan Mitchell sunflowers
Arthur segal strassa auf 1924
tokuda masahiko plate
kim whan ki heaven n earth
lee ufan
most underrated urban planning tic – water fountains
first world suffering hn not load fast enough
how to fight air sickness
baby girl whats your name how you look en them jeans
gum throw push coach bad traffic 8/9 - rucker
what r the economics behind supersizing? more efficient deplaning
omg worst place ever if we land etc
how does airline seat pricing work?
how to play jazz on guitar keep it fresh
inner game return and irrational confidence
what’s with the crude cartoons in new Yorker?
20 day inner confidence challenge – how to make it stick?!
what’s the best way to train a belief into fact?
what would south have thought of Asian people?
Conspiratorial grin as lowered the heading over.
Check the featherballs
put everything in order, lined up, take the umbrella after starting to walk back, it’s all so measured and cute, and can tell love to work on this.
wave the baton around of the cup afterwards walking back into the house
create a new Yorker magazine all written and drawn and done by me.
Things that have changed in a year at home:
Dream: choosing between 2 different things, but that was the interlude to the real dream, which was…
if one of my keys are stuck, what do I do?
“How’s the stock market doing?”
“I don’t have internet.
“But it’s probably down 1,000 points.”
“Yea, it’s probably in the toilet.”
Sam: white girls are overrated
Chicken fried; catch your wave;
How do I increase my laptop’s battery life? Dell
Put my eng 120 essays online
Judd Yale record stuff

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