Monday, September 12, 2011

Links, Week 12: Full week in Manila

I apologize for the first rough patch in this blog; the multiple day run where Peter (Lu didn't) Write(s). I did write offline though, so you'll see 4 posts in quick succession in the coming hours. To my defense, my new apartment doesn't have internet. Here's what happened during those 47 hours, starting from Friday night:

Out: 13 hours
Slept: 21 hours
Wrote and read: 8 hours
Cooked 15 eggs: 2 hours
Played snake on my cell phone: 1 hour
Time I can't reconcile: 2 hours

Without internet in my apartment, my life is focused, heady, and ripe for spontaneity. Here are the stats for last week:

Writing: 33 hours, 20 minutes
Email: 6 hours, 1 minute
Wasted Time: 11 hours, 43 minutes
Neutral: 7 hours, 23 minutes (mostly because I'm using this computer for work)
Reading: 1 hour, 41 minutes (online)

The writing time is gargantuan, but a little misleading -- I'm editing just as much as I'm writing; it's not volume, it's quality. Finally, the links:

Guy-girl: A Yalie writes a book about how a nerd can learn seduction. The 25 best pickup artists in the world. A list of bars and clubs in Manila. From "Hello" to kiss in 10 minutes.

Writing: Until Gwen, best short story of 2004. Is there any hope for the hung overNatural happiness, by Paul Bloom. A play-by-play as an illegal immigrantInfidelity.  Writing residency programs. Dave Johnson?

Books: Understanding suicideAt Large and At Small (is the first reviewer Michael Cunningham?). Self-publishing companyHere, too. For Kindle here.

Asian-Americans: An overview of Chinese-Americans -- everything about demographics, education and income. Hardboiled the AA magazine at UC Berkeley.

Cool sites: Free international volunteer opportunities. Find out your personality with the Minnesota Multiphasic personality test, actually used by the professionals. Give away your stuff and get stuff back.

Blogs: Look at this fucking hipster. The hipster olympics Designer toys: Kidrobot and VinylPulse. Is Jesus disappointing100 personal development blogs. Zuckerberg doing 5,000 pushups, easy.

YouTube and junk: Greatest marriage proposal ever. Sebastian Seung TED talkMustaches on every face on the internet. A Vietnam Google search storyDrumming everywhere. And, finally, tips for shy freshman.

I'd like to end with sentences I've written that I couldn't fit anywhere but still reserve the right to use in future posts. Otherwise known as the graveyard of cut phrases.

"I've also been eating $4 sandwiches for lunch from a French deli. One tip for baguette sandwiches: make sure the end that I bite into has the goodies up front. I hate biting into just bread on the first bite."

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