Sunday, September 25, 2011

Links, Week 15: 77 hours and a top-ten list

Did you know that I repeated "Links, Week 5" twice? We're skipping Week 14 and going straight into Week 15.

This week, my Manila internet access (primarily due to the SmartBro wifi USB stick) amounted to a mere 77 hours and 45 minutes. I wasted more time (28 hours, 52 minutes) than I used it productively (26 hours, 16 minutes). I also used Gmail for 10 hours, 53 minutes. The rest of the time was pretty neutral, thank goodness. This week? Let's get down to 66 hours!

Editorial: I played Angry Birds on Chrome for 2 hours, and 49 minutes, and finished all 3 worlds of the game.

This week, I'm keeping things light and airy: only 10 links, culled from the heterogeneity.

This summer, when I worked at Abrams Books, I didn’t recognize 90% of the artists who grazed the covers of our art books. Yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed Susan Orlean's New Yorker profile on Jean Paul Gauthier’s super-beautiful life (1). It's always fascinating to get a peek inside haute couture. From one artist to another: Sam Messer (2), a Yale professor teaching Basic Drawing this term, tells LA Weekly why he still does portraiture.

The first sports book I ever read was Moneyball, by Michael Lewis. I was skeptical of the movie that's out now -- there's no dramatic action in the book -- but after reading the New Yorker's review of Moneyball (3) (and 50/50), I can't wait to watch it. The movie's positive externality is the increased online clamor for the state of baseball today; The WSJ talks Baseball after Moneyball (4), and the NYT profiles the man behind the movie, Billy Beane (5), on what he's actually doing these days.

An interlude regarding social media: Neil Strauss’s YouTube channel (6), which is languishing in an undiscovered pocket of the video ecosystem, had a former life on MySpace totaling 15 million views; and Zach Stockill, of the Huffington Post, has some nice sentences on how Facebook ruins relationships (7).

Finally, I'd like to talk about the site I wasted the most time on last week: Quora. 4 hours and 38 minutes later, I'd like to point out two notable posts: Quora engineer Edmond Lau's ten things I’ve learned (8) working for the company, and the 2011 Yishan Wong burrito challenge (9), special only for its egregious self-propagating nature due to the Mr. Wong's revered status in the bubble of Silicon Valley. First-world citizens these days...

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