Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Peter Lu in lists

On my computer, I have 14 sticky notes accumulating all my wayward thoughts. I’ve organized them into triplets. Here’s what I'm thinking about, in lists of three:

What I am currently listening to.
How to Love, Lil’Wayne
Them There Eyes, Ella Fitzgerald
We’ve Got The Blues, Leo Watson & The Spirits of Rhythm

What I will never have a chance to do.
Create a stop motion of Commons.
Give Dan Turza The Four Hour Body.
A YaleLunch, with Ed.

Three exigent thoughts.
If we all lived in a Manhattan-density area, the U.S. population would fit in New Hampshire.
Soon, we’ll have video profiles for online dating.
It’s cute when you’re five years old speaking broken English, but not so much when you’re 22.

Favorite sayings.
“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
“Not even Google can satisfy every Search.”
“The best kept secret is one you don’t know yourself.”
extra: "I have a question I mustache, but I'll shave it for later."

Saying I’m not sure are true.
To forget memories, you need to make memories.
To produce great ideas, you need great lighting.
When you know, you know.

Three things I would not normally admit.
Senior year, my NJB team went 0-12.
I want to be Neil Strauss when I grow up.
I could really use a good luck tchotchke.

Advice I will follow in the future.
Don’t follow the latest fashions; wear what the fashion designers wear.
Learn to cook a couple favorite meals, and use premium ingredients. (YW.)
Never buy a dragon egg from a stranger in a bar. 

Books I keep telling myself I will read.
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith
1Q84, Haruki Murakami
The Dragon Reborn, Robert Jordan 

Books I keep telling myself I will read but probably never will.
Starting Strength, Mark Rippletoe
The Bible
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Corey Seymour

Movies that I secretly liked.
Easy A
Just Go With It
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Off-the-beaten-path books that I unabashedly enjoy.
Beating the Reaper
The Merlin Series
Where's Waldo

Three not-so-famous people I would love to meet.
Cherry Cheva, writer for Family Guy (and Yale psychology major)
(wait, there's no more????) 

Peace and Love.
Cameron D.
Peter C.
Jack "The Man" C.

Squeaky-clean phrases from news articles.
“At first, Shortz didn’t cotton to any of them.”
“She said, somewhat apropos of nothing,”
 “I’m talking about the good condoms, not the shit condoms you get for free.”

Magnificent words I’ll never be able to use.

Favorite phrases I like to slip in whenever the situation calls for it, which is always.
I majored in unafraid.
“How do you feel?” “Like a champion.” (via Warren)

My favorite rose cultivars.
Strike it Rich
About Face
Dick Clark

Three online dating sites I check once every two months.

I would pay someone for this.
Learning to freestyle.
Learning to tag (montana / techlak).
Learning to sing.

What I forgot to do in New York.
Buy modern organic products, summer paste.
Get fitted at Paul Stewart.
Endure a hypnosis session with Victoria Phillips of NY Health Hypnosis.

Poetry collections I am reading.
Praise, Robert Hass
Blizzard of One, Strand
Shadow of Sirius, Merwin
extra: Averno, Gluck; April Galleons, Ashbery

My favorite fonts other than Garamond, which I use too often now.
Corbel, size 10
Georgia, size 9
Corbel, 10.5

Random thoughts.
What about the infinity that occurred before we were born?
We’ve all time-travelled; we just can’t remember it.
"The last one there farts in a milk bottle!" ~ Ender's Game

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