Monday, September 5, 2011

The sap dries quickly enough

This is a poem. Does it make sense?

The sap dries quickly enough

You know, I did my best to get friend-zoned. I invited conversations about boy troubles, brought her unhealthy snacks when she was stressed, alluded to one-night stands. Once, in a fit of optimistic frustration, I told her she wasn’t my type. She just laughed. For weeks, I ate only almonds until I realized her face was an almond, tan and heart-shaped. The bitterness held like lemon juice in a cup. "Me and my mother used to love each other." "You're adopted.” “No! Save it for after college!" There were nights when she would wrap herself under a dirty blanket and whistle railroad tunes to her nose. It was then I became irresolute and soluble, a yellow duck churning up its own foam.

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